4 Main Reasons for a Loft Conversion…

Here at Loft Conversion Specialists we have been in the business of doing loft conversions in and around East Yorkshire for enough years to know every reason why our clients have chosen to do a loft conversion. When you go through the list of reasons you may begin to realise why they are such a good investment and a great way of increasing the square footage of liveable accommodation in your home while not breaking the bank.

  • The expansion of the family – If you don’t have to move, then why move if you have the potential space in your existing home. In a survey carried out by a firm of estate agents a few years ago, when people were asked to describe the ideal home they would like to move to, it was basically the home they lived in, but with extra accommodation. They wanted to remain in the same location, had a budget that made staying put make sense, and it surprised many, but not us.
  • Creating the ideal home – A number of clients we do loft conversions for want the conversion done as soon as they have bought the property and before they move in. They managed to see the potential of the property and it is the remodelled property they are looking forward to living in.
  • Creating space for a second family – Many of our recent loft conversions have been for ‘blended’ families- couples with children of their own coming together to create a home together.
  • Investment – This comes in two forms. Some of our clients have had loft conversions carried out to maximise the value and selling potential of their home, not because they want to remain there. Alternatively some clients convert single dwellings into flats and studio apartments, and a good sized roof space can provide exactly that.loft