Always consider accessibility and your choice of window

If what you are aiming to do is add more space to your humble abode there may be no better way to go about this than with a loft conversion. Instead of going through the disruption of extensions, you can simply take full advantage of the space that is available to you already. We are specialists at loft conversions in Hull and can design the perfect one for you.

If you need additional space, then a loft conversion is not only the simplest and cheapest route to take, but also the least disruptive. According to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, the average alteration costs roughly a third of what it would to move to a home with more room. Additionally, the loft can also up the house’s value by as much as 25%. Before any work can happen though, there are some aspects you’ll have to think about.

Access is one of the most important details and building regulations state clearly that if the loft is to be transformed into a bedroom, playroom, study or bathroom, a permanent staircase must be introduced. The stairs leading to the room don’t have to be as wide as those on the lower flights however. If space is in short supply, a spiral staircase is often the most attractive approach.

With any conversion, your choice of window is paramount as you will want to get as much daylight in as possible. Dormer models provide more headroom in addition to light, since the glazed units are typically set parallel to the house’s facade, and to accommodate them, a portion of the pitched roof is raised. Since dormer windows change a home’s exterior appearance, planning permission may be necessary.

At Loft Con we go over every detail of the conversion with you so that you’re fully aware of the changes that will occur. After we are finished, we shall clean up after ourselves so that your home isn’t left a mess. If you are interested in refashioning your home, we would be happy to assist you.