Can I introduce some loft stairs?

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There are those who would like to introduce loft stairs to their premises. However, a lack of understanding of this area tends to cause some problems. To make certain that you don’t end up in this situation, we’ve prepared some advice on the subject for you to read.

With the exception of the possibility for a faintly low floor-to-ceiling height, loft stair building regulations are structurally the same as any separate flight. The usual scenario is for you to have your access run from the present stairwell. You could enable this through a dormer or another extension. Both options are suitable if you lack sufficient headroom.

Other options

If such an approach isn’t feasible, you will have to use another section of your floor underneath for the stairs. Just make sure that you don’t lose too much of your room that your loft extension is no longer viable.

In some cases you may discover that things are especially tight. There are options though. You might be able to switch to an alternating tread staircase, or a space-preserving fixed ladder. Yet, building control only deems these appropriate if you’re producing a single habitable loft room, and you can’t realistically supply a complete flight any other way.

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