Converting your garage into a Tiny Home

Despite popular belief, the Tiny House Movement is not exclusive to portable homes. In fact, a large number of tiny houses are stationary, typically consisting of converted detached garages or outhouses that are separated from a larger building. The primary theme with the movement is living large in a tiny house; whether that be by introducing natural light to the indoors, minimising, or discovering new storage solutions. Here at Loft Con, we’ll give you a free survey and make a plan on how your garage can be converted to suit your needs.

For many people, the garage is no longer a home for their car. Instead, it is over encumbered with unused exercise equipment, gardening tools, and outdated home electronics. The average single car garage in the UK comes to around 193 square feet, while tiny houses typically range from 100-400 square feet – making your garage the perfect size for a compact home.

When working within limited boundaries, it’s always important to consider natural light and space, especially in a tiny house. A canopy is ideal for anyone hoping to remove their bed from more active areas of the house and reduce the amount of furniture on the ground. Plus, a canopy would afford additional overhead storage space for any potential remaining clutter.

Furthermore, in an effort to introduce natural light, garages would benefit from a skylight or, perhaps a wall of windows. This is especially true for garages with a garden facing wall. Having either option installed would bring more natural light indoors, making the confines of your tiny house feel open and spacious.

We work closely with DG Design Associates, an independent design company, to develop schematics for your new conversion. We give every job our undivided attention, ensuring the highest quality, as we focus on one project at a time. At Loft Con, we have over 30 years of experience, converting over 750 homes. With our wealth of knowledge, we provide the highest quality loft conversions Hull has to offer and can transform garages too.