Dealing with low head heights

You need more space, yet there aren’t enough funds for you to simply move to a bigger house. There is a much cheaper solution for acquiring more room however; alter your existing property so that it becomes more spacious. As one of the top companies specialising in loft conversions Hull has to offer, we are the people to call if you desperately require an upgrade.

In order to conduct a loft conversion, it’s recommended that your head height is at least 2.2m. Should you discover that your own home doesn’t meet this requirement, don’t be so quick to give up. Although they may be costly, there are solutions to this problem that you can use to make some amendments.

The first thing you can do is raise the roof. What you would have to do here is remove a section of the already existing roof and revamp it in a manner that provides it with the desired formation. Structurally speaking, this is doable, but you must have sufficient funding and obtain planning permission before you begin. If the entire roof has to be removed, you would need a covered scaffold construct to safeguard your home from adverse weather conditions.

Option 2 is to lower the ceiling in the room that lies below your loft. The ceiling height present in older properties might exceed that of 3 metres. As such, if your roof space is restricted, provided that it allows for a minimum of 2.4m, you can attempt to lower the ceiling underneath.

At Loft Con, from the initial surveys right up to the main construction work, our team handles every aspect of the project. Furthermore, once we are finished, everything will be dusted and cleaned so that you aren’t left with a huge mess to deal with by yourself.

If you believe that one of these conversions is suitable for you, please get in touch so that we can go over the details. We are the best for loft conversions Hull has because we offer great designs and value for money. Let us help you improve your home.