Dispelling common misconceptions surrounding loft conversions

When you are considering a home improvement project, there can be many thoughts that hold you back. We believe that you should be aware of some of the more common ones people have and the truth behind them. This way you can have no worries and invest in the high grade loft conversions Hull trusts.

“My roof is too low”

Sometimes lofts can have little headroom. This may not be a project ending obstacle though. With a roof lift we can boost the space you have to use. As a result you can meet the minimum requirements of headroom and convert your loft into a great space. This is 2.4m for a Velux conversion and 2.3m for a Dormer.

“Securing planning permission is too difficult”

Depending on the type of conversion and other factors, you may require planning permission. We can help you establish whether this is the case. If it is necessary, it may not be as difficult to get as you might think. It is much easier than it was in the past, and we can lend a hand in this area.

“It would be easier to move”

Many people think that with the regulations, money and time that go into converting a space, there are easier options available. This is far from the truth, as the costs of moving are very high. We also ensure minimal disturbance and a swift timeline, all the while providing you with high standards of work. Within a few weeks you will have a lasting home improvement. This is much easier and better value than moving.

“It isn’t worth the money that goes into it”

As well as avoiding the costs of moving, there is other value that comes from a converted loft. This includes a higher property value that will show when you look to sell it on. You will then be able to get the money back that you put into it and more.

“There wouldn’t be enough light”

People often picture lofts as dark, cramped spaces. When you convert it, this will be a thing of the past. Windows at this level let in a lot of light and you can install as many as you want to create a bright and welcoming space. You can add additional lights that look natural too.

Now that you are aware of how great a home improvement they are, invest in the loft conversions Hull loves today. You can contact the Loft Con team at 01482 864 155 if you would like to learn more.