Loftcon offer a unique DIY option!

Would you like to build it yourself but not sure how or where to start? we offer a DIY supervision service, you may have friends in the building trade you can call upon to help,?  this way you can cut up to 60% off the Contractors Quote. Any service or trade you don`t have access to you can use ours,  If you are thinking of a Dormer, our guys can can build that in one day and make it watertight (at a cost).

We will provide…….

  • Expert advice every step of the way.
  • Material price quotes at the same discount we get.
  • We supervise your labour, but you are in control.
  • All trades available if needed.
  • One off fee of £600, includes material lists, work schedules, and first 5 visits, then £45 per visit after that. (average is 5 visits in total).
  • 24 hr FREE access to our Expert Staff via telephone and email,
  • What you save on Material cost will easily pay for the supervision.

Go to our Contact page and ask for a FREE Survey and discuss your options.