Do loft conversions undermine energy efficiency measures?

Most homeowners are aware of the benefits they can achieve from having loft conversion work carried out on their property. The addition of more usable space in the home is always a good thing. This gives you a more comfortable means of living and adds to the value of your property. In recent times, however, a concern has come about in respect of conversions. This concern is about whether or not having a loft converted has a negative impact on how energy efficient a house is.

We live in a time when we are faced with rising energy costs. It’s also the case that we are more informed than ever before about how important it is to manage resources in a way that limits the environmental damage caused by over-consumption. Both of these aspects have driven a strong emphasis on making homes energy efficient. Few, if any, would argue against taking measures to achieve the highest level of efficiency possible.

In terms of the above, most know that loft and ceiling insulation is one of the most important factors to address because heat rises. A conclusion which some have drawn from this principle is that loft conversions would undermine this, as changing the dynamics of the space would have an impact on the energy efficiency measures introduced.

It is highly likely, in our view, that people are basing this conclusion on their experiences of conversions carried out in years gone by. Work carried out two or more decades ago was done in a time when factors such as energy and efficiency costs were not a major issue. In this day and age they very much are, and as such they are factors we make a priority in our work.

Our team design and build loft conversions for properties in Hull in a way which embraces the importance of making homes energy efficient. In many cases, thanks to some remarkable developments in insulation technology, we’ve been able to deliver conversion work which has served to enhance the level of efficiency achieved in a way that would not have been possible without our work.

Whilst we understand how some might assume that loft conversion work carries the risk of harming your energy efficiency measures we’re happy to say this is not the case. The work we do for you is assured of being comprehensive, covering all important aspects of this change to your home.

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