Don’t hit the party wall

As a very dedicated and specialist loft conversion company, we strive to deliver nothing less than our absolute finest work to customers. Experienced in constructing a plethora of lofts, we’re confident that we have the solution to your problems. As one of the top companies for loft conversions Hull has available, your first decision when organising a project should be to call on us.

Any person that has considered extending a house, be it through a loft conversion or some other manner, shall soon notice that their neighbours play a critical part at numerous points in the planning process. They are going to experience some of the stress and pain that comes with all the work, while not partaking in any of the benefits. Because of this, it’s imperative that they stay informed and on side.

What you might not know is that it’s a point of law to provide neighbours with notice prior to beginning works that occur within close proximity to their property. If you don’t, not only will it cause delays, but costs may rise as well. By getting everything right however, you’ll be given the foundations for a much smoother project.

If the Party Wall Act governs the work you are conducting, a party wall notice shall have to be issued to your neighbours. At minimum, this needs to be completed two months before the start of any notifiable works, and one month prior to the beginning of excavation efforts. Notifiable labour refers to building work that influences a boundary line or party wall, or excavations that are within three to six metres of a neighbour’s premises. This includes the majority of loft and basement conversions, as well as most extensions.

At Loft Con we oversee the entire loft conversion operation from start to finish. Speaking of the end, once we have completed our work the finishing team will come in, dusting and cleaning each area that we’ve visited. This leaves your home in a spotless condition.

If converting your loft is something you’re considering, feel free to contact us for any assistance or advice. We can create the perfect plan for you, offering support and recommendations at each stage. When it comes to loft conversion Hull based property owners should make us the first company they contact.