Dormer Conversions

Loftcon have been helping clients across Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire to get the most from their properties since 1983. We provide an array of services, ranging from loft and garage conversions to dormer extensions. With over 800 projects under our belts, a wealth of knowledge and a dedicated team on hand to do all of the work, you can always expect the best from us.

Loft conversions are probably the easiest ways to add extra floor space to a property. In real terms the loft is the largest room in your home but just not discovered yet! Normally the loft space is  unused or employed as storage for the Christmas decorations, childhood mementos, outdated technology and other items we don’t want to throw away. A small investment can see the room turned into new living space, whether you want an extra bedroom, a children’s playroom or a home office. Even lofts with minimal room can be utilised thanks to dormer conversions and roof lifts.

When you ask  Loftcon to call we can discuss  the project and suggest the perfect option for you. There are several different types of dormer to choose from so you can select the one that offers the best return for your money whilst looking good for your property. Flat roofed “box” dormer conversions are the most common, easiest to install and also offer the most additional headroom. There are also hip to gable or dormer on the hip and wrap around. We ensure all constructions blend into the existing aesthetics.

A great deal of work goes into creating an appropriate dormer, from the initial visit to completion we ensure the right quality finish. In many cases you won’t require planning permission for the conversion but it is important to seek clarification to be certain. Most loft conversions are considered permitted developments but there are limitations on what you can do, most notably if you are in a conservation area. Please note, all loft and Dormer conversions require Building Regulations approval by LAW regardless of what you call it, a habitable room needs Building regs,  See our section under The Law.

Loftcon are happy to provide a free survey using DG Design Associates, our in house design team. They will vist of your property (free of any charges) and go through the different services we can provide. You can ask our professionals any questions and get a great deal of free guidance. To find out more simply contact us by phone on 01482 864155 or email at [email protected]. You can look forward to a professional service and first rate finish with us.