Ensuring your loft conversion is far from boring

A lot of the time people fail to help their loft reach its full potential. This leaves a dark and depressing room people feel is only suitable for storing items. However, don’t think of a loft as a boring area; you can turn it into stunning new living space with a little care. We are the top team for loft conversions Hull has, capable of creating this kind of space for you.

Pick the right conversion

Loft conversions HullIt is imperative that you choose the right kind of conversion, ensuring it suits your home. For instance, a relatively cheap method is adding a roof light and not changing the shape or pitch of the roof. This simple change can be perfect when you are looking to create another bedroom and already have enough roof space.

On the other hand, you could look into a dormer conversion. This involves constructing a vertical wall from the bottom of the sloped roof along with a horizontal roof to meet it. It is very popular because it adds another section that will provide your loft with more light and headroom.

Spice up your space

loft conversionThere are a number of ways you can improve the design of your loft, even if you are working with a small space to provide your property with a valuable addition.

Firstly, all it takes is a little care with the design to make a space look stylish and modern. Painting walls white or cream will create somewhere that is light and bright. You can then use a feature wall or splashes of colour in furnishings to avoid a clinical feeling.

Another method is to make this space unique. For example, you can provide your home with a luxurious new bathroom or a sleek office. You should consider the rest of your property to help you identify what you would benefit most from. Furthermore, you should look at ways to let the light in as much as possible to avoid your space feeling cramped.

Discuss designs with the best team for loft conversions in Hull

Get the most you can from your loft and reach out to us. When you choose us, you can rest assured that our expert team will work hard to provide you with a friendly and professional service. This will leave you with a high-quality space in the form of one of the loft conversions Hull loves.

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