Escape to a peaceful space and expose the brickwork

Sometimes, you need more space in your home. When you do, you must ask yourself what the most efficient way of obtaining it is. In our experience, modifying your house is the ideal course of action. We assist people with this by offering the highest quality loft conversions Hull has ever seen. We can turn the space into a new bedroom, add a bathroom, or create almost any other kind of room for you.

A decent conversion will allow you to add between 10 and 20% to the property value. You can do this without having to lose any garden space. This is typically the case with ground-floor extensions. Before you proceed however, you must have some good ideas of what to do with the space. Read on to discover some ideas; you may find inspiration for your space.

A peaceful living room

Try using your loft to escape to a peaceful living space. It is not difficult to create an excellent retreat by giving yourself more space in the loft. Everyone likes to socialise with friends and family members. However, some personal time is also crucial. This enables us to recharge. A quiet loft living room is perfect for this. Keep everything casual with a classic sofa as well as a mismatched armchair that has neutral colours. Throw in a few incredibly cool accessories too in order to make everything your own.

Uncover those bricks

Another possibility would be to expose your brickwork. Paint most of the walls but leave one. The bricks can create a stylish trait that appears particularly pleasing in attics with slanting ceilings. Your brickwork may not be in the best of conditions though. If they are not, there are wallpapers you can use to get a similar look. Don’t feel as if you need to begin getting rid of the plaster straight away.

Design the best loft conversion in Hull

At Loft Con, we carry out our work while adhering to the specifications set by the local authority. In addition, building control oversees everything. This way, our projects can comply with the building regulations law too.

If want the finest loft conversions Hull can offer, please speak to us. You will love the quality of our work and the amount of choice we give you in terms of how to use the new space.