Establish if you need planning permission

Home improvements can be amazing and add space that will boost the property value. Unfortunately a lot of people do not have the land to build outwards from their house with an extension. So, try going up instead and contact the provider of loft conversions Hull residents should be relying on.

When You Need It

A lot of conversions don’t require permission. This is if they fall under permitted development rights. Not every property has the same freedom though. It is important to determine what the rules are for you.

There are many factors that contribute to whether you require planning permission. We would be more than happy to help you establish what you need to do. As a guide we have laid out some of the conditions that your project may satisfy. If it does then you will likely not need to get permission.

– Adding on space less than 40 cubic metres for terraced houses or 50 cubic meters for semi-detached and detached houses. This includes any previous work.

– You are using materials that look similar to the existing property.

– Any side-facing windows are obscure-glazed and openings are 1.7m or higher above the floor.

– You are not adding a veranda, raised platform or balcony.

– The property in question is not in a conservation area, national park or other area with protection.

– Extensions do not go higher than the tallest part of the roof. It also does not reach beyond the furthest part of the roof slope at the front of the property.

– The larger roof does not hang over the outer face of the wall of the existing property.

Even if you need to obtain necessary approval, don’t be put off. You can speak to your local planning authority for more advice. They will be able to make a decision on whether to grant permission based on the development plan. In addition we are here to help make the process smooth, supporting you with whatever you need.

At Loft Con we can assist you with various necessary parts of projects. This can include following building regulations and obtaining a Party Wall Agreement if necessary. Get in touch with the people who offer premier loft conversions Hull trusts for more details.