Fire safety regulations for loft conversions

Building work, including the loft conversions Hull residents request, needs to follow necessary regulations. These can save the lives of inhabitants by boosting the fire safety of the structure. The requirements do not include anything that should put you off building a dream space though.


The stairs you put in place to access the loft will depend on the amount of space you have to work with. Building regulations mean that they must rise at 42 degrees or less. They need to be secure so that it is possible to exit with ease when necessary. There is a model known as the space-saver which is legal due to its design, but it is only installed in extreme situations.

Smoke Alarm

Every level of your house needs a smoke alarm. This will alert you regardless of where a fire starts. While it is more likely to begin in the kitchen, it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen in the loft. It will also let you know while in the space if there is a fire elsewhere in the property.

Fire Door

You might think of fire doors as something to find in buildings other than your home, but you should have one. A resistant feature like this is a vital regulation that can give this new space more security.

Your loft needs a protected route to the ground floor. In the event of a fire this provides a safe way to evacuate and gives you 30 minutes. This door can provide you with time to escape in an emergency and will protect you from the fire so that you can get out safely.


Your loft conversion should have a functioning window. It is wise to ensure it includes non-locking fasteners to allow for a swift exit when the typical fire exit is unavailable. As well as acting as a fire safety measure, it will give your loft additional natural light and will feel more spacious.

We understand how to make a space fantastic while complying with necessary regulations. Work with the team that has an excellent reputation for loft conversions Hull homeowners love and contact us today. We can create the perfect design for you.