Fit the flooring and insulation

The one thing we want for everyone is to ensure they have enough room in their homes. We do this by offering the greatest loft conversions Hull has ever seen. Better still, ours is a convenient service. From the initial survey, which is free, to the architectural drawings, we attend to everything.

Loft conversions HullConverting the loft can require a lot of work, especially if you are starting from scratch. It is a task you can’t rush through either. You must take your time to get everything right. In the end however, you will find this to be one of the most rewarding projects you have ever done. In order to succeed, you need to perform certain steps before you can get to the meat of the venture.

Fitting the flooring

Let’s assume you already have sturdy wooden floor beams in position. From here, all you really have to do is fill in the gaps. You can do this using insulation material. Then, you can lay floorboards on the top.

Some individuals opt to cheat here. What they do is use big rectangular or square wooden boards. However, these don’t supply you with the necessary solid floor. Real floorboards are the way forward if you want to lower your chances of going through the ceiling.

Specialist insulation boards

The following step would be fitting insulation. The easiest and fastest way of doing this is with specialist insulation boards. It is far simpler to work with these than it is with classic products. You should not have any difficulty moving them between your beams. See to it that they come straight up to the lip though. What you don’t want is room between your plasterboards and the insulation boards.

Expert loft conversions in Hull

At Loft Con, we finish all of our projects to an incredibly high standard. In addition, we charge realistic prices for the work we do. In other words, ours is a professional and cost efficient service.

If you would like to experience the finest loft conversions Hull has for yourself, please contact us. We are confident you will enjoy the whole experience. We even work hard to ensure we cause as little disruption as possible while we are working.