Getting a loft conversion on Victorian terrace housing

Nearly a quarter of the homes in the UK are terraced. Particularly with Victorian style homes, you might’ve found the layout isn’t suitable as a family home. This is obviously due to them being built in a completely different time period where needs were very different.

In the modern day, many homeowners require more space and light in their homes. Many of them ideally want a study or playroom separate to the rest of the house. That way there is no need to share with children when trying to concentrate, for example. One method of gaining more space is by converting your loft. The Loft Con team is experienced in this area, becoming one of the best for loft conversions Hull property owners can call on.

Most Victorian style houses were built with a spacious attic. That means choosing a loft conversion could be a possible option for gaining extra study, bedroom or playroom space. But, before you begin the process of converting, you need to make sure it’s possible to carry out. As said above, most terraced houses have enough loft space, but not all.

One of the main things you must keep in mind is the requirement of a minimum 2.3m height space; this is the limit of what’s considered utilisable space. In addition to this you need to ensure there is space to fit a staircase. Our team can survey your attic space, and determine if it is suitable for a conversion.

Additionally, attics and lofts in these properties have commonly just been used as storage or utility space. If a tank or boiler is located here it can be moved to a more suitable area of your home, including the kitchen. If you are worried about losing storage space, the great thing about loft conversions is they can recreate space and make it more efficient in utilising it; this can be done by fitting cupboards.

If you desire another bedroom a loft conversion can produce possibly the best kind of bedroom; especially when designed with a private en-suite. Achieving a good level of natural light can be difficult in a terraced home, but with a loft space you can easily infuse more with strategic planning and proper window placement.

Lastly, going through with a conversion will add value to your home. So with all these benefits, considering this kind of a project shouldn’t be such a hard decision to make. You’ll appreciate the work even more if you choose to deal with a professional company such as the best team for loft conversions Hull has to offer; Loft Con.

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