How a loft conversion can benefit you

A lot of people have reservations about converting lofts. It is understandable as it is a fairly large project but this doesn’t come without huge benefits. As the provider of conversions Hull loves, we offer advice below about some of the best things about getting a conversion. They will help you to see why you should invest in one.

The View

The position of a loft space makes it the perfect area of your house to take advantage of your surroundings. You can add in skylights and windows to relax and admire the view. This is while having a comfortable space to do this at any time of day in any weather. You can also allow for easy ventilation.

The Space

Too many lofts become an area of the house used as storage for old possessions. By converting it you can instead make it a usable space and remove the clutter that you don’t need. Most lofts are quite large, giving you plenty of potential for new spaces.


You can have that gym you have always wanted in the loft. On the other hand an extra bathroom is a possibility. If your family is growing or you want somewhere guests can stay, then you can make it an additional bedroom or whatever space you would like.

Increased Value

The value of a home can increase by up to 20% after a conversion. There is plenty of market research to show this. As a result the work will be very worthwhile in the long term with valuable living space to use until you sell.

Saves Time

A lot of people go through the process of moving house when they want a bigger space. You have to get your home valued, put it up for sale, find somewhere new, pack up and move. If you love where you already are then a conversion saves you from all of this.

A lot of these projects fall under permitted development. This means that you don’t need to go through obtaining planning permission, something which can be stressful and time consuming.

Loft Con can transform your space into a great area you will love to use. We offer the best loft conversions Hull residents could hope for so get in touch today. Whatever your ideas, we can create a design for you.