Ideas for your new loft conversion

Loft Con has been converting unused spaces in homes for over 30 years. Not only do we convert roof spaces, but we also work on garages and other areas within your home. Having completed so many unique projects, means we have seen people’s ideas and brought them to fruition. When it comes to loft conversions Hull property owners can rely on our creative, knowledgeable team to help them.

So now you are here, here is all the inspiration you need for your conversion:

Some conversions have been intended to become bedrooms but in many cases it has meant the room has lost space due to its slanted walls. However, you can easily adapt to the slants, particularly if you design unique, integrated furnishings.

Most people decide that their converted space should be designated for relaxing in. You can experience the perfect retreat whilst creating more living space for everyone else downstairs! Or your loft conversion can be turned into a games room, where friends and family can spend time together.

Another function you can dedicate your loft conversion to is for storage use. Install built-in cupboards, or customise a fully functioning wardrobe for an attic bedroom. Because of the low sloped ceilings, you will have to get creative with your storage design, but we can help.

Building an en-suite for your attic bedroom can be tricky but don’t let this put you off. You may be able to squeeze a bath into the loft space; their low levels mean they can still be tucked in small corners. You’ll need to think more carefully about the design if you want to install a shower though.

If your budget won’t allow you to fully plaster your loft conversion, take advantage of it. Exposing the brickwork can create a stylish feature for your loft, and make it especially cooler due to the slanted ceilings.

Loft Con can help you make any conversion ideas come to life! If you wish to use our specialist services, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have established ourselves as the best for loft conversions Hull has thanks to our creativity and ability to provide excellent value.