Inspiration for lighting in your loft

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Light Inspiration

A lot of people picture lofts as a dark and dingy place to store your possessions that you do not often use. This can stop you from being able to recognise the potential of the space to have more use and great light. There are plenty of natural and artificial lighting options you can choose from that suit different tastes and budgets.

We will start with options that involve making the most of natural light. This keeps the space bright and airy while helping you keep energy bills low. It is also well known that sunlight can lift your mood as well as make you healthier and more productive.

Dormer Windows

This is a window that has unique characteristics. With these in place, you can let a lot of light into your space. They suit different properties well, including cottages and modern homes. They also provide your space with height and an amazing view of the landscape.

Velux Windows

When you use Velux windows, you can provide your room with an abundance of natural light and character. The fact that they angle towards the sky means that they provide privacy which is great for homes that are close to others.

Of course, the sun does not always provide enough light and you will also need artificial lighting in your space.

LED Spotlights

LEDs are a great option that is environmentally friendly. On an evening when your large windows cannot light up your room, you will be able to create the perfect ambiance and enjoy the space.

Mood Lighting

Loft conversions HullDimmer settings can provide you with the right light for every mood. This could be lowering the lights while you watch a film or making sure you have plenty of light while you read.

There are other methods you can try to open up the room. With a few well placed mirrors, such as opposite windows, you can enhance the light and give the illusion of more space.

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