Is my loft suitable for conversion?

Converting the loft could help to create the extra space in your home that you want. This can be very cost-effective but before you dive in, you need to take the time to consider all that is necessary with a project of this size. It is also wise to take the time to choose who to work with. As the top team for loft conversions Hull has, we stand out and offer great results.

Is It Convertible?

Before you do any other work, you need to establish if your loft space is suitable for conversion. A professional such as a surveyor can help you work this out.

2.2m is the minimum height that you need for a conversion. You can calculate this on your own. Use a tape measure to determine the distance between the ceiling and floor at the tallest part of the space. It should be enough to convert if there is at least 2.2m.

The majority of homes have a permitted development allowance. This allows for certain work like loft conversions without the need to obtain planning permission. However, this is only applicable in a number of circumstances. Properties in conservation areas and those with a lack of roof space make it trickier.

A Solution For Lack Of Head Room

There are certain homes that are more suitable for conversions than others. This is because some lack the necessary head room to make the space habitable.

While this might be the case for you, don’t worry and give up on the idea of a conversion too soon. A roof lift might be the perfect way to allow for a great transformation. It might not be a viable option for your property but there is no harm in finding out what your options are.

loft conversions HullA project like this can appear complicated but it isn’t when you have the right team on your side. We can provide the loft conversions Hull properties will benefit from. Our wealth of experience and range of skills make the process easier and smoother. We can also explain the relevant information and assist with any of your queries.

All you need to do is reach out to Loft Con and we will do our best to help you as much as we can.