Loft Conversion Specialists of Beverley- Where do you start??…

People are often asking us here at LCS what exactly is the process for a loft conversion? Where on earth do they start? What is it that they actually want or need? We can break it down for you in 5 easy steps…

1.) Getting in touch with us! You can ring, email, visit our website or even send us a message on Facebook. We will get back to you as soon as possible and arrange a time suitable for you for Dennis, our surveyor, to come out and visit your property. This will take around an hour and  surveys are done on a week night or on a Saturday day time. The surveyor will discuss with you what your plans and ideas are, and what he feels might be the best way forward in terms of finances and feasibility. He will explain this process to you, and leave you with a ‘pink form’- this is to request us to create your architectural drawings, which you will need should you go ahead with the build. You are not obligated to use us for the build if we do your drawings.

2.) Once the pink form has been submitted to us, we will arrange for a ‘drawings survey’ to be completed, Dennis will come out and measure up to be able to make a start on the drawings- he will then go away and make a first draft of them. Once you have viewed these and are happy with them, there will be an invoiced amount- usually around £480.00. We will then complete the drawings and that part of the process is complete. At this point, we can submit your plans to the local authority for pre planning applications, and further applications should they need it.

3.) Now it’s time for you to take your drawings and request quotes from your chosen builders- we will provide you with one on your request. Depending on who gives you the best quote (and let’s face it, it’s usually us!) then you are ready to move ahead. If you do decide to use us, of course there is a further decision- which build option you’re going to use- DIY, First Fix or Pay as You Go…(if you’re not sure what these are, then check our next blog out!)

4.) Okay so you’ve got your plans and you’ve chosen us as your builder, the local authority are involved and have given you the go ahead, you’re all ready to go. We’ve sent you out the contract and any paperwork necessary to you. To ensure your place on our ever busy calender, we will ask you to now make your initial payment to Dennis, this is usually 50% of the fee as stated on the contract, and is usually about 6 weeks before the job is due to start and we will allocate you a joinery team.

5.) It’s your starting day!! A skip and scaffolding has been arranged to be delivered prior to the joiners making a start. Any payments made will be recorded onto a payments list which is sent out to you with any receipts every Friday night. A site visit will be undertaken 2-3 times a week at least, and you have office staff and an emergency contact number throughout the build, making you feel secure and involved throughout. You will have been given an approximate finishing date for the job and your appointed building inspector will also make visits during the build.

So…what are you waiting for? It really is this simple!!