Loft conversions done properly

If you desperately need more room but lack the necessary funds to move, you might want to consider investing what you do have into a loft conversion. Experienced in creating complementary designs, our company has been able to assist countless customers in gaining the most out of their unused space, all at an affordable price. As one of the top establishments for loft conversions Hull has to give, we are the people to call if you decide that it’s time for a change.

When carried out correctly, a conversion bestows its owner with a series of advantages. If done wrong however, the results can be disastrous. There is good news here though as complications can be prevented so long as you don’t make any of the following blunders.

An awful design may not always be down to the homeowner, but the convertors can only do what you instruct them to do to your space. Being specialists however, we shall provide our own opinions on subjects like light and room, which should be high priorities. Space and light aren’t utilised to their upmost potential a lot of the time, resulting in a waste of possibilities.

Another essential aspect is the placement of your new staircase. This has an appreciable influence on your house’s architecture and layout. Staircases must give your home a balance, but some individuals place them in locations that have them barging in on bedrooms, or generating dead room that could be used much more efficiently.

At Loft Con, each of our garage, dormer, and loft conversions are constructed to local authority requirements and supervised by Building Control to ensure that they comply with the relevant laws. Always completed to a first-rate standard using the finest materials, our workmanship will last.

If you believe that a conversion would benefit you and you’d like to go over specifics with us, please get in touch. You’ll find we are the most passionate and information provider of loft conversions Hull has.