Loft conversions for homes with lower ceilings – what you need to know

Ours are the high-quality loft conversions Hull property owners can use to create more usable space in homes. This can also increase the value of the house, making it an even better investment if and when you decide to sell.

A lot of people look into converting their loft but aren’t sure if the height of their space is enough. You need the conversion to be safe and comfortable to move around in. There might be no need to worry if your roof is just a little too low because there are some things you can look into to make a conversion possible.

Building Regulations

According to the law, the minimum height is 2.2m for a loft conversion. You have to measure this from the floor to the top of the ceiling joists. Having enough space will make it practical to use. It is also important that you think about where you will place the stairway. The law requires your conversion to have permanent stairs for health and safety reasons.

The Best Types Of Conversions

There is certain work that can help you if you have a home with a low ceiling.

A roof lift is fairly self-explanatory and is the fastest way to get a larger space. This work will lift off the existing roof to replace it with a higher one. You will then have more usable floor space and height for the conversion.

A dormer conversion is the most common kind of loft extension for a space with low headroom. This work will create straight walls inside the room rather than slanted ones. It will result in more floor space and headroom which might be able to make your loft the biggest room in your home.

loft conversions HullA hip-to-gable conversion will extend your home so that the sloped side is replaced with a vertical wall. This provides you with the same height all through the room and adds extra headspace.

Here at Loft Con, we complete services at affordable prices. Our dedication to the highest standards of work as well as excellent customer satisfaction is how we have built our great name. For more details about the loft conversions Hull residents regularly call on to improve their homes, contact our team.