More houses doesn’t necessarily equal more conversions

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Research that was conducted back in early 2016 revealed that four out of ten London homes had been extended upwards. Those Boroughs that possessed the lowest volume of houses but the greatest property values had undergone the most expansive uptake in loft conversions in the five years leading up to 2015.

The Boroughs in question include the likes of the City of Westminster, home to about 13,000 houses. Amongst these buildings, an impressive 40% had extended upwards in some kind of fashion. Kensington and Chelsea and Camden both contain 15,000 homes and have experienced the next most inflated uptakes, with 31% and 24% respectively.

In contrast to these figures, those Boroughs that have the highest amount of houses but shallow property values possessed the lowest number of loft conversions during this same time. These consist of Bromley and Croydon, both of which are made up of 95,000 houses, and Barnet, which has around 80,000. Respectively, their uptakes are 4%, 6% and 12%.

Proposals that had been announced by the Government in early March of that year were designed so that it would be simpler to construct upwards in existing buildings. They allowed it so that two extra levels could be introduced to the structure, up to an adjoining building’s roofline.

At Loft Con every one of our loft conversions in Hull is built to the local authority’s requirements and are overseen by Building Control to ensure that they comply with the building laws. We aren’t the type of business to leave a mess behind, so upon completion of your conversion, we’ll dust and clean all of those areas that we have visited.

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