Pay As You Go

What is a “Pay as you go option”?

You, the “Client” become far more involved in the financial side. When an invoice for services or materials becomes due, you pay them directly. Instead of stage payments during and a final payment at the end to us, you make small payments throughout the Contract, about 6 transactions a week rather than 4 in total.

For all payments, you will get an email or text depending on which method is easiest for you, giving company telephone number, payment reference and amount to pay, you can pay on your card or a bank transfer. A payment list is set up and brought up to date with every transaction you make, a balance print off is sent to you every week.   This way you know every penny spent is on your job, no “lump stage payments” and hoping it all goes on your job.  We have shown an example below based on a typical project costing £18000.

But first.

We will design, draw and cost out your project. Share with you costing printouts, material lists, delivery and work schedules. Obtain Building Regulations Approval (and Planning if required). Liaise with Building Control.

We will provide one of our installation teams who will carry out your project at a timescale to suit you.

We will supervise all trades on site acting as your agent and have regular site meetings to discuss progress. as your agent, we select the suppliers that give the best prices and service.

We are fully responsible for all work done on site and still the MAIN CONTRACTOR. Guarantees are unaffected. Up to now, it is no different to a “traditional with-profits Contract”.

This is where it changes.

All materials are sourced based on quality and price, are ordered at our best TRADE PRICES we can find, (same prices we pay) and paid for by the Client, then delivered to your address. Our Sub Contractors, ie, plumbers and electricians, having previously agreed their prices, present their invoices on completion of their part to the Client for payment. (after testing and passing by Building control)

What do you save?

You save 20% VAT, 30% Company profit mark up, 2.5% sales commission. You know every penny spent, is only on your project. You are in control. On completion, all guarantees, documents and certificates are your property.

How does it work?

Imagine a typical project priced by a contractor and quoted at £18,000 including VAT.

You pay just 12.5% of the Contractors quote, in this example that would be just £2,250, this is the fee for setting up, supervising all trades and providing equipment. It’s spread across 3 stages. Payment one, £1125 on the return of the contract. Payment 2, is £562.50 paid halfway through. Payment 3, £562.50 one week after completion when all invoices in and paid and Building Control Approved. The fee is INCLUDED in your quoted target cost.


Company quoted price, £18,000, Materials, and labour are £11258.00. Profit is £3370.40. Commission, and Contingency £365.88 Vat is £3000.25.

Pay as you go, materials and labour £11258.00 Supervision/Setting up fee, £2250. You save £4492.00 That’s 25%.

The price quoted is your “target cost”. It is commonplace for us to complete under the target cost. The savings we make are YOURS. We claim just 20% of your under-spend as a bonus.

In some circumstances there may be an overspend. If this occurs, 50% of the overspend is deducted from the final payment made to the company. We put our money where our mouth is!