Our payment options

Many people dream of having loft conversions in Scunthorpe and throughout the surrounding areas, but put it off because they believe they cannot afford it. However, we are here to make loft conversions affordable and accessible, providing reasonably priced services for all our clients throughout the entire region.

We understand the pressure of troubled economic times, and in response we put together three different options for the benefit of our customers, giving you different choices about how you wish to pay. Each option presents an opportunity to simplify the process and suit the particular needs of different clients. The different options are as follows:

  • Traditional – We calculate the cost of the entire project up front, including labour and materials, and you pay an upfront fee for the work.
  • Pay as you go – You will make small payments throughout the entire conversion process as invoices come in for work or materials. You will be provided with full documentation and kept informed about where the money is being spent. In most cases this option saves the client money, as we commonly spend under the quoted amount.
  • First fix – This option is excellent for DIY enthusiasts who wish to save money. We install floor joists, dormer frames and external work such as tiling and gutters, while you handle the insulation, plasterboard, and plumbing and electrical systems. If required, we will assist you with free expert advice, support, discounted materials and labour supervision.

A loft conversion can add huge amounts of value onto your home, which makes them an excellent investment for any property owner. With our different payment options, it has never been easier to get quality loft conversions in Scunthorpe, Hull, Beverley and throughout the whole region. Contact us now to start discussing your needs.