Some of the most popular ways to use a converted loft space

People looking to add value and space to their home will often have a hard time finding a better method than a conversion for their loft. This transforms an under-used space and provides many possibilities for how to use it. If you call us, you could benefit from one of the loft conversions Hull residents love.

There are many cases where people want to convert their space but do not know what to do with it. A bedroom is often the go to choice. While this is great for the value of the home, it is not always the best option for everyone. Check out these alternative ideas for some of the other ways to use the space.


It is a common scene; a loft becomes a dumping ground and is filled with items that need storing. Far too often people accept that this is what the space is best suited for and a conversion would mean that you have to clear it out. Many overlook the fact that you can still use it for storage afterwards.

A conversion gives you the chance to get more out of the space. This could be as simple as moving away from storage for old items and instead having something like a walk in wardrobe. This frees up space in the rest of your home and also adds value while still being a great area for storage.

Reading room

Lofts provide a sense of seclusion and can be tranquil. Rather than adding in a TV, how about book shelves? With a little effort, you can create a cosy spot to read and have your own mini library. Bespoke shelving can suit the shape of the space, letting you make the most of the room. You can also make the space even better with double or even triple glazing.


The placement of a loft makes it a quiet spot. They are high up and away from distractions. As a result they make perfect offices. You will be far from things that can lead to procrastination. Take your time to create the ideal environment for working in, including ensuring it is light and airy.

Workout Room

loft conversions HullIt can be hard to find motivation when it comes to fitness. The majority of people who purchase gym equipment for their home place it in a dull and cold room which doesn’t inspire them. A loft can provide a lot of space and light, making it the perfect spot to workout in.

You can reclaim your loft space with our help. Discuss the loft conversions Hull properties can experience with our team. We will offer lots of advice about designs and also look at how you can get the most from your investment.