Staircases for accessing your converted loft

When you decide to convert a loft, you will need to consider the complications that come about when you add a staircase to your property. Don’t worry too much though as there are several options that you can choose from. There are plenty that are attractive and won’t impact your existing space too much or make it feel cramped. As the top name for loft conversions Hull has, we have all the skills and experience to help people choose stairs.


When you are using a conversion to add more space to a small home, you might have trouble finding somewhere to place a new staircase. You might want to opt for a spiral option instead of a traditional pitched design as a way to solve this issue. The spiral means they have very little pitch and don’t take up much floor space. You can choose a unique design that looks stunning and acts as the focal point of the room.

Space Saver

As you can guess from the name, this design is quite compact. This also comes in handy when you are working with very little room. With these, half of each step is cut out on alternating sides meaning you climb up on your left, then right, and so on. This gives the flight a steep incline. These stairs have strict regulations and are only installed in extreme circumstances.


This is often the best choice when converting your space into a bedroom or ensuite bathroom. They tend to be fairly small and take up the same amount of space that a closet would. As a result they give discreet access from a room. A private staircase can be aesthetically pleasing and subtle when you place it correctly.


You might opt for an open plan loft on a mezzanine floor. This gives you the chance to have a big statement staircase that will act as the centrepiece of your new space.

The best loft conversions in Hull

We can work with you to transform your loft into the space you have been dreaming of. This includes choosing a suitable staircase to match. Rest assured this will be something stylish that looks perfect in your home.

Reach out to our renowned company to learn about our quality workmanship and how we can provide you with one of the loft conversions Hull loves. We can offer a quote and advice about everything from design to how long the work will take.