Steps you may want to take with loft conversions

We are a team of professionals who constantly strive to provide the greatest loft conversions Hull has to offer. No matter what our clients have in mind, we do our best to make it happen. Our business employs all the necessary trades so we can arrange everything for you. This will save you time and effort. It also means we can help you get the best prices for each aspect of the project.

There are various steps to take with projects like these. Below you can find out more about some of the most important ones.

Planning the layout early

One of them is to plan the layout of the furniture during the design phase. This is something you must think about long before any work begins. What it means is determining where you are going to put any in-built storage and furniture. You need to make sure that everything will fit; if it won’t you should change your design.


Your plans could include an en suite. If they do, consider the ceiling height in the room. Prioritise elements that can’t compromise on headroom, like the hand basin and shower. Bulky beams and awkward dimensions also don’t need to be a limiting factor with introducing bathrooms in lofts. Showers demand easy access and a minimum degree of headroom. With a freestanding bath, you can position one under a low ceiling. Classic colour palettes and straightforward shapes go together well with period architecture.

Using eaves space

If you are prioritising storage and fittings for this conversion, you should use your eaves space wisely. When working on a bathroom whilst dealing with an awkward space, think about constructing useful recesses into your eaves. They take advantage of the room that you would waste otherwise. In addition, you get a shiny addition to a modern bathroom. Moreover, they are the top place to put your bath and toilet.

Discuss the options for loft conversions in Hull

At Loftcon, we build all of our conversions to local authority specifications. Furthermore, Building Control oversees everything to ensure that your designs follow the law. We can offer advice if there are any issues and even redesign if it is necessary.

If you want the assistance of the foremost business specialising in loft conversions Hull has, speak to us. We will give you a quote and all the help you need.