Strengthen your floor joists and alter your insulation

We’ve done our best to provide clients with an appropriate means of obtaining more room in their homes. We’re one of the leading forces specialising in loft conversions Hull has. Therefore, not only can you expect a fitting solution, but also one that is of the highest quality.

During a loft conversion, unless your property was previously constructed utilising properly sized attic trusses, you may need to strengthen certain areas. This is especially true in the case of your floor joists.

There are many ways you can do this. The most frequently employed strategy is to introduce fresh joists at suitable centres in between or alongside the ones that are already there. In specific instances, they might have to be thicker than the present joists. This will elevate the floor height. To buttress the loads, you may require some RSJs. For those difficult to reach sections, you should consider telescopic options.

Insulation changes

If you want to really feel like your conversion is part of the living area, then you’ll need some interchangeable comfort levels. This means amplifying your insulation at rafter level.

In an elementary retrofit situation, you normally do this by packing rigid insulation underneath as well as between the rafters. You must leave behind a 50mm void between this and your current roof’s underside for ventilation purposes. This will aid you in preventing condensation from becoming an issue. If your intention is to get rid of the existent roof covering, the sensible move would be to insulate above your rafters.

At Loft Con, we operate around you to ensure that you receive the results you’re after. What makes us stand out is the degree of ongoing support we supply throughout the process. As a result, we can overcome any problems that develop as the project is progressing.

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