The benefits of the dormer cannot be ignored

There’s only one goal for the team at our company; to provide a top quality living space at an affordable price. From the free initial survey right up to the main construction phase, we can handle every aspect with great efficiency. This makes us the number one company for loft conversions Hull residents can call on.

With dormer extensions, the most popular variation in the country is that of a simple flat roof design. Aside from being the most cost effective form to construct, flat roofs also provide a considerable amount of extra space. Typically utilised on homes that possess a gable roof, the shed dormer, another build type, normally requires roof sheeting that differs from that of the main roof.

Loft alterations like this offer far greater amounts of additional floor space to that of other constructs. In particular, a flat roof design bestows such benefits as straight walls, increased headroom and flattened ceilings. Additionally, one of these conversions will give the top part of your property some much needed ventilation and light, and it offers a highly versatile area that can be used in a myriad of ways.

Even in lofts that have restricted space or headroom, a dormer is usually very feasible. Not to mention, there is a kind of dormer appropriate for housing styles that exist all across the UK, including the likes of post war semi or modern detached builds and the Victorian terraces typically found in London.

At Loft Con we have years of experience with dormer loft conversions and can supply you with one if you so wish. As one of the best and cheapest options available as far as this kind of work is concerned, it’s always something that should be taken into consideration.

If you are interested in this service and would like our assistance, please do get in touch. We are the best company for loft conversions in Hull, offering the best designs, high quality workmanship, and incredible value for money.