The many benefits of loft conversions

Everyone would love to have extra space in their home. When that becomes something you are considering finding, there are options open to you. But, which would be best? As those specialising in high quality garage and loft conversions Hull loves, we can help.


There are no limits to what you can use a converted space for. You can add anything from storage to a much needed room like an extra bedroom for a growing family. You are also using existing space meaning you aren’t taking up any exterior space that you would do with an extension.

Add Light

With Velux conversions and Dormer extensions, you can have a room with a lot of natural light because of the height and lack of obstructions. You also get a different, yet great view of your surroundings.


An extra usable room can make your home more valuable to you and any future residents. It may cost you money to carry out, but in the long run you can end up getting more money back. The numbers differ, but a conversion can add a great deal onto the resale value. Not to mention that it is more desirable to choose a house with more room in it.


A conversion with us doesn’t look out of place. We can assist you with staircases to make your conversion flow aesthetically and match the rest of your home.

What is the point in moving home and dealing with all the costs, time and stress when there are other ways to get the additional space you need? Utilise what you already have.

Do you want all these benefits to apply to your home? Then contact Loft Con. We have over 30 years of experience and have completed 800+ projects. You can depend on us for the best loft conversions Hull could hope for.