Transform your loft with us

If your home is suffering from a distinct lack of space, and you don’t want the expense and trouble of moving home, you may wish to consider a loft conversion instead. A well designed loft conversion adds extra living space to a house at a fraction of the cost of an extension or a refurbishment, and also adds a significant amount of value.

A loft conversion is, simply, a means of converting the unused areas of your home into a usable space. For many of us, a loft is often little more than a dark space used for the mass storage of old items no longer needed or wanted. Many lofts need to be converted extensively in order to make them suitable for use as rooms, including laying floors and installing appliances. We can handle each and every aspect of the process when we are carrying out our loft conversions in Beverley and beyond.

Before a loft conversion takes place, several things need to be considered. Firstly, the actual attic itself needs enough room and head height to use comfortable. If space or head height is an issue, then the exterior of the property may need to be modified in such a way to create enough room for the attic to be utilised. This may require planning permission. Joists will also need to be added and old joists replaced so that they can comfortably bear the weight of a floor. Insulation will also need to be added. Of course, access will also need to be considered, with a new staircase the most likely choice.

Once your loft has been converted to accommodate a room, there are numerous benefits. With insulation and due to heat rising upwards, you won’t necessarily have to heat the room, saving on potential energy costs. It gives you the chance to add an extra bathroom or bedroom, something which is certain to appeal to buyers should you put the home up for sale. It will also increase the actual value of the home considerably, up to as much as twenty percent. Finally, it obviously adds a lot more usable space and transforms your loft into a useful and beautiful space.

We offer a full service for loft conversions in Beverley, Hull and throughout the entire region, ensuring that our customers can benefit from our expertise in this area. We can tackle the entire project from beginning to end, ensuring that your loft is fully converted and making sure you are always completely satisfied with the results.