Transform your loft with Loftcon ltd.

If your home is suffering from a distinct lack of space, and you don’t want the expense and trouble of moving home, you may wish to consider a loft or dormer conversion instead. A well designed loft conversion adds extra living space to a house at a fraction of the cost of a ground floor extension or a refurbishment, and also adds a significant amount of value to the property.

A loft conversion is, simply, a means of converting the unused loft of your home into a habitable space. For many of us, a loft is often little more than a dark space used for the mass storage of old items no longer needed or wanted. There are two typical types of loft space or roof,  traditional with purlins and collars or a more modern trussed rafter, either of those can have a hipped roof design but all are  excellent candidates for conversion providing we have sufficient headroom, that said insufficient headroom points straight to a roof lift or lower the 1st floor ceiling height.   We can handle each and every aspect of the process when we are carrying out our loft conversions in Hull, Beverley and the surrounding area. In the majority of conversions you do not have to vacate whilst we build and our initial access is always via an external scaffold.

so to start…..before a loft conversion takes place, several things need to be considered. Firstly, the actual loft space itself needs enough room and head height to use comfortably. A loft conversion needs 2.7m ideally at its highest point  and a box dormer a little less at 2.4m  If  head height is an issue, then we offer a roof lift or in some cases we can lower the 1st floor ceilings.  for a roof lift it is a planning application to your local authority.  There will also be new structural members required in order to ensure the roof has sufficient strength to support a new habitable room, therefore  building control approval is a legal requirement. (see legal requirements)

Once your loft has been converted to accommodate a room, there are numerous benefits. With improved insulation materials the heat retention is exceptional saving on potential energy costs. The conversion also gives you the chance to add an extra bathroom or bedroom, something which is certain to appeal to buyers should you put the home up for sale. It will also increase the actual value of the home considerably, up to as much as twenty percent. Finally, it obviously adds a lot more usable space and transforms your loft into a useful and beautiful space.

We offer a full service for loft conversions in Beverley and Hull and from Lincoln across to Scarborough. With 6 installation teams at present we aim to offer a “no wait policy” and can usually get to your project within 3 months. This ensures that our customers can benefit from our expertise within our area. Surveys are FREE  and at a time that suits you We can tackle the entire project from Architectural drawings to a builders clean on completion,  ensuring that your loft is fully converted and making sure you are always completely satisfied with the results.