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Loft conversions HullIf you want more space, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, it is the ones we offer that individuals favour above all the rest. They do this because we can supply the greatest loft conversions Hull has ever seen. To this day, we have completed over 800 projects. With every year, this number keeps on increasing.

A loft conversion gives property owners the opportunity to enhance the efficiency of the house. The reason why is that installing a particular form of insulation is something the building regulations require. Two variations of insulation exist. A building control inspector is the one who will decide which one your house needs. They will either be from your local authority or an independent professional.

Cold-roof insulation

Overall, you shall require 10cm worth of insulation. You make up the first 7cm by filling the room between your rafters with foam. As for the remaining 3cm of slab insulation, you attach this to the interior of your rafters. It is crucial that you leave a 5cm gap between the insulation and roof felt to leave an air barrier and improve the insulating performance.

Warm-roof insulation

This is the second option and consists of foam that is 10cm thick. You fit it over your rafters prior to adding tiles, tile battens, and capping. While it sounds simple, it is more complex than what you normally use when you strip a roof covering. This can happen when someone creates a dormer.

It is possible for a 10cm-thick foam insulation slab to insulate a dormer wall. What you will need is a 10cm thick insulation quilt. This must go between plasterboard and attach to either side of interior partition wall. In addition, you will require 10cm thick insulation between your floor joists.

Loft conversions in Hull

At Loft Con, we design every conversion to local authority specifications. We ensure that Building Control oversee everything. This is to ensure that the project adheres to building regulation law.

If you need us to create the highest quality loft conversions Hull has to offer, please get in touch. You won’t find a better team than us.