What can I do with such a small space?

Homeowners regularly try to figure out some way of increasing their space once they realise there’s not enough to go around. There are many paths you can take. One of the most cost effective and fruitful however would be to convert your loft. Our company has designed some of the finest loft conversions Hull has seen. You can count on us to create something spectacular for your home.

You’ll be happy to hear that there are plenty of ways you can modify your loft. It’s even possible to do things with smaller spaces, especially with the right design. Read on if you’d like to know how you can use it more efficiently.

You may want to try turning your loft into a tiny reading nook. This conversion can feature a wall of bookshelves as well as built in furniture. The greatest part of this is the flexibility. You can style it in ways that suit every member of your family. You can also equip the nook with toys and bright colours if you have kids. The space really is very flexible.

Home offices

Some houses have sloping ceilings. If yours does as well, you can transform the loft into a home office that has a view. Introduce a built-in desk along with some bespoke storage. Home offices don’t get much better than those with both an outdoor view as well as lots of natural light. We would recommend this design to anyone who regularly works at home.

Dealing with low ceilings

The loft’s ceiling might be too low for an extra bathroom or bedroom. If it is, then make it into an additional living space. Every homeowner would love to have their own room on the main floor. The kids also likely wouldn’t pass up the chance to lounge around in the loft either.

At Loft Con, we help to make our clients’ visions become a reality. We do this in the easiest ways possible. You don’t need to worry about employing any other tradespeople in addition to us. We bring all of them with us and provide a fast, high quality service. The results we offer make us the very best name for loft conversions Hull can offer.

If you would like our assistance, please get in touch. Don’t be put off by only having a small amount of space; instead rely on us to make the most of it.