Always check the legal state of your conversion

From the free initial survey right up to the main construction phase, Loft Con can guide you through the process of creating new space in your home. We specialise in loft conversions in Hull, helping clients to transform their properties and unlock the hidden room that is available. We work on various styles of home and work hard to deliver the best results.

Any add-ons to the home must meet the necessary building regulations and comply with planning laws. A number of exemptions exist that enable small-scale alterations to be conducted without permission though; these are known as permitted rights.

Some types of loft conversions fall under these rights. However there are certain conditions to meet to ensure you don’t need permission. Therefore, you should check beforehand to confirm what you can and can’t do. If you go ahead with a project and then find you needed permission you may be forced to put the property back to how it was, resulting in huge additional costs and no rewards.

All property work that’s conducted, be it exempt from planning permission or not, has to be in compliance with any building regulations in effect during development. These regulations are in place for a reason and that is to make sure that the work is being carried out to a minimum standard. They also keep the occupants safe.

If your plans are to use the loft space as a bedroom, it must meet fire regulations. Should it fail to do so, insuring the property could be somewhat problematic.

A Certificate of Compliance with building regulations shall be needed when you are looking to sell the property. If your conversion wasn’t constructed in compliance with the building regulations, you can’t sell it as an extra bedroom, ultimately leading to a lower price tag and potentially wasted investment.

At Loft Con our conversions are built to the local authority requirements and are supervised by Building Control to ensure that they comply with building regulation laws. Completed to an excellent standard and with the finest materials, you can have complete faith in our work.

Whenever you find yourself in need of loft conversions in Hull, we hope that you will consider contacting us.