Hipped Roof Conversions.

A Hipped Roof Conversion:

Some properties have roof slopes on all three sides. This is known as a ‘hipped roof’.

A hipped roof property can be difficult to convert in such a way that the loft space is cost effective. The reason its so difficult to convert these types of roofs is because the staircase cannot come up from the gable side of the property (as its under a roof slope.) Thee are two ways to convert a hipped roof however.

Dormer on the hip.

Creating a dormer on the hip of the roof means you no longer have the staircase problem where you don’t have the sufficient head height due to the slope of the roof. With use of a dormer you are proving the space for a new staircase to rise into the loft space and the whole of the loft can then be utilised. The dormer will often be large enough for both the staircase and a small WC or en-suite again depending on the property size.

Hip to gable.

The most cost effective way to convert a hipped roof property is known as a hip to gable. The concept is that you are changing the roof on the side of the property to a gable wall thus creating space within the loft to contain the staircase. If you do a hip to gable, you will be able to utilise the loft space in the same way as you would a Velux Conversion or add a rear Dormer Extension to maximise the available space. Either option seldom require Planning Permission and can easily achieve a master bedroom, en-suite and dressing room or two good sized bedrooms.

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hip to gable rear dormer