Do I need building regs and or planning?

All construction projects will require Building Regs. Planning approval is subject to the development proposed, and the location of the house.  If you’re unsure on local authority restrictions we can help to clarify these.

Do I have to move out whilst you do your work?

No. We always enter through the roof by means of scaffolding and keep disturbance to the property to a minimum.

Will it be too hot in summer and cold in winter?

Neither, when insulated to B Regs standards, it will be no different from any other bedroom.

Will I get my money back if I sell?

On average a conversion increases your house value by more than it cost to build. Some slightly, some considerably.

How long does it take to build?

A velux style, 4 weeks, Rear Dormer 6 weeks, Dormer on the hip 7 weeks, hip to gable with full rear dormer 8 weeks, Roof lift 8 weeks.

These are all average timescales, each job is different so may take longer to complete

Our house is timber framed, is a conversion still possible?

Yes, we need to provide structural design in a little more detail.

Our house is in a conservation area or is listed, can we still have one?

Yes, but we have to jump though a few more hoops with the local authority.

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