Build Options

First and foremost.

We will design, draw and cost out your project.

We will share with you cost printouts, material lists, delivery and work schedules.

We obtain Building Regulations Approval (and Planning if required).all of which whilst liaising with Building Control.

We will provide one of our installation teams who will carry out your project at a timescale to suit you.

We will supervise all trades on site acting as your agent and have regular site meetings to discuss progress.

As your agent, we select the suppliers that give the best prices and service.

We are fully responsible for all work done on site as the MAIN CONTRACTOR.

Traditional option.

Our “Traditional option” of payment is where we quote you a price that includes Materials, Labour, Profit, and VAT. We ask for a deposit upfront and further payments in 4 stages throughout the build. As all the component parts of the build are put together the final part is to add the Vat at 20%. Very simple and straightforward.

Pay As You Go option.

This option costs less than the “Traditional” build. We will just as in the “Traditional” option quote a price that includes materials labour profit and Vat, and that’s all you pay. Our workforce are self employed and not Vat registered, and as  the labour costs are approx. 50% of the total cost you are actually paying Vat that cannot be recovered.  With PAYG we ask you at the end of each week to pay the labour direct thus saving you the Vat that would normally have be added under the traditional option.  Any business we deal with that is not Vat registered you again pay directly. We  e mail you at the end of each week with instructions of who and how much to pay, a spreadsheet is kept up to date and sent out to you so you know where every penny you have spent has gone.  Payments are by bank transfer or card. It does however mean you have to spend a small amount of time  each week but the money saved is well worth the effort as you can save up to £5,000 this way. This option is requested by 90% of our customers.

First Fix option.

First fix is a Build Option to help your money go even further.

Created to help the DIY  enthusiast.

We will install steel, floor joists, dormer frame (if needed)  and completed externally with vertical tiling, rubber flat roof, gutters, facias, roof lights,  staircase and internal structural supporting timbers.

We will not insulate, plasterboard, 2nd fix or provide electrical services and plumbing.

This can be completed in your own spare time and when you can afford it. We will still arrange your materials when required and you can add or remove any of the above services to suit your needs. Our company will still plan your project, liase with Building control and supervise the remaining work at your request. Access to our supervisor by phone 24/7 is included. Payments are made just as in the PAYG option.

DIY option.

Loftcon offer a unique DIY option!

Would you like to build it yourself but not sure how or where to start? we offer a DIY supervision service, you may have friends in the building trade you can call upon to help,?  this way you can cut up to 60% off the Contractors Quote. Any service or trade you don`t have access to you can use ours,  If you are thinking of a Dormer, our guys can can build that in one day and make it watertight (at a cost).

We will provide…….

  • Expert advice every step of the way.
  • Material price quotes at the same discount we get.
  • We supervise your labour, but you are in control.
  • All trades available if needed.
  • One off fee of £600, includes material lists, work schedules, and first 5 visits, then £45 per visit after that. (average is 5 visits in total).
  • 24 hr FREE access to our Expert Staff via telephone and email,
  • What you save on Material cost will easily pay for the supervision.


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