Budget loft conversion ideas

If you are tight on budget for an extension, a loft conversion is the best alternative. It’s most beneficial for adding an extra bedroom or bathroom. However if you are tight on funds, you need to ensure you have the right type. Thankfully, there are a range of types to choose from. Loft Con can help you to select the right one. We are one of the most experienced teams for loft conversions Hull has to offer.

Loft conversion ideas

Basic roof light conversion
This kind is typically chosen when homeowners have financial constraints. Sometimes it’s due to planning permission, where creating a dormer style isn’t possible. It’s wise to consider leaving any available space and making an open plan room. Additionally, the only investment necessary is in roof lights, insulation and stairs. Keep in mind this style generally applies for narrow loft spaces.

Bathroom conversion
Additionally, you may wish to install a bathroom in your loft. What is especially popular for conversions is this private space for bathing. Also, it is easy to achieve if you have enough space. If you choose this, take advantage of the low level space for storage.

Part width dormer
When planning permission is an issue for full width dormers, this type is opted for. Creating the dormer around a window can make more loft space. Furthermore, full height space can be achieved across the window length.

Install a mezzanine floor
This is perfect for bringing light into different areas and opening up ceiling space. However, you must ensure you have enough ceiling height. If there are eaves available and your loft space is tall, the work will be simpler. Conversely, the project will be more complicated and expensive if the roof needs opening up. Remember to consult your local authority for building regulations before starting work.

With these ideas in mind, you may want to invest in working with the best team for loft conversions Hull has. Loft Con have helped many homeowners with their conversion project. We will always consider your budget and roof space, and ensure you get the best from our services.

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