Don’t underestimate the value of a loft conversion

There are a number of home improvements that can add on a great deal of value to your property. One of the best methods of doing this is through arranging for us to create new space in your home. We offer the loft conversions Hull residents love.

This can be great to make your property more appealing and tempt prospective buyers when you are looking to sell your home. You will get more for it, and may get a quicker sale too.

A Valuable Change

Anglian Home Improvements carried out a study. This looked at home the improvements that added the most value as well as people’s attitudes towards home features and their value. They discovered that a loft conversion is a renovation that adds, on average, £24,254.56 to the value of a home.

loft conversions HullOther valuable home improvements include making the living space open plan and an extension. Along with this is adding a new kitchen and a conservatory. The UK estate agents also found that people did not know which renovations would add the most value. Only 2% thought that the biggest value boost would come from an open plan living space.

Many people also underestimate the value of a conservatory. The common belief is that a new front door and windows would be better for property value than a conservatory.

However, a lot of people were on the right track. 27% think that an extension will add the most value. This is along with 25% believing a new kitchen is the best improvement for adding value. These are some of the best renovations for your property.

An Investment

You might be looking to sell your home now or are thinking about the benefits when you do in the future. Refurbishments are a fantastic way to improve your house and its value. You might be spending money now but it is a highly beneficial improvement for your home.

It’s important to recognise what will add value to your home. As a result you must consider what people are looking for. Having access to more space is helpful, especially when it is a professional conversion. Contact our team to discuss how you can get one of the first class loft conversions Hull loves.