Extending into your loft without planning permission

It’s generally much easier to create stylish new space in your loft than to extend the building outwards. On top of this, the project can add considerable value to your property too. Our services can help you to transform the space, delivering loft conversions Hull residents will really appreciate.

The most difficult projects to get consent for, but not always impossible, involve listed homes. A structural engineer needs to make sure the building is able to support the extra weight. Also they can calculate the structural changes to make sure what changes are required.

Permitted development rules, although making loft conversions much easier, do still require you to complete certification. This is to show that the work being carried out is complying with building regulations. The certificate is generally issued by your council. You will have to go through the planning process if your project doesn’t follow permitted development and when it involves a listed building.

Digging out a basement requires a lot of underpinning and excavating, which is why loft conversions are considered cheaper and faster. Most of the time, conversion work in lofts can be undertaken while still in residence, whereas with a basement, this isn’t often the case.

A loft offers bonus benefits too when finished; extra light and an improvement in insulation are the most notable ones. With the right design you can create useful space that could serve as additional storage, new bedrooms, an office, or even a games room.

The rules that need to be followed for permitted development are: the front of the building won’t be significantly altered and the roof height won’t be raised, if you want a balcony or terrace planning permission is required, no more than 40 cubic metres added to a terrace house and only 50 for a detached/semi detached, there is 2.1 metres of height, and you acquire a completion certificate.

We have completed countless conversions in our 30+ years of establishment, so rest assured we are experienced in the many types of loft conversions Hull residents can ask for. We even carry out surveys to see what installation options you have. If you require our services, please get in touch today!