How much do loft conversions cost and how can money be saved?

Loft conversions can be a cost effective way to add space and value to your home but it is not always the case. In some situations the price of the work can be rather steep but the benefits will still be there.

A number of factors influence how much a loft conversion will cost. Things like the style of roof you have, the area you live in, and the age of the property will all have an impact. Projects will naturally cost more if you have an older property with a shallow roof and live in a conservation area. Sadly these are things you cannot control. There are a number you can though, giving you the potential to save money on your project.

One thing you have a degree of control over is the type of conversion you opt for. There are four options to choose from, each of which requires a different amount of work. The cheapest are the styles that don’t require any change in the external structure of the property such as roof light conversions. Mansard and hip to gable loft conversions require structural changes and have an impact on the aesthetics of the property. This makes them more costly but they do provide additional space in return.

On top of the style of conversion you can decide on the layout, which materials you will use, and whether you need to relocate things such as a water tank. It is surprising how much you could potentially save with just slight changes to your layout. Taking care choosing materials and looking around for the best prices can translate to great savings too.

If you are thinking about converting your loft so you can make use of the space you should start by checking the feasibility. Begin with taking some measurements to see exactly how much room there is to play with. On top of this you can have a look at other properties in the area to see if and what type of loft conversions they have. It can’t hurt asking the local authority for advice too.

Once you are comfortable with the feasibility and ready to progress with your project it is time to contact companies to discuss your design and get quotes. At Loft Con we stand out as one of the best providers of loft conversions Hull has to offer. If you live locally and want to work with a dedicated, long serving company we are the one for you. Our workmanship is first rate from start to finish.

You can contact us to discuss loft conversions and get any additional information you require.