Ignorance isn’t always bliss with loft conversions

Our goal is a simple one, to offer high quality loft conversions in Hull at affordable prices. Experienced in constructing a plethora of conversion types, our skill set is quite varied to say the least. Committed to using only the finest techniques and materials, as well as supplying an unmatched level of customer service, ours is the company to call when you wish to convert loft space.

Planning permission might be necessary for some types of loft conversion, but according to new research, an alarming number of UK homeowners couldn’t remember whether the correct permission was granted or not. Of the 57% of individuals that have had alterations done on their properties, 15% said that they were unable to recall if they were actually allowed to do so in the first place. This seems to indicate that people think ignorance is bliss in terms of house renovations.

Nearly 20% had gone ahead with the extensions and conversions without knowledge of whether permission was required. Around 14% stated that the thought merely didn’t cross their minds, while 9% ignored it outright as they assumed that it would cost them more money.

For anyone hoping to get insurance, a lack of planning permission is sure to result in issues. Insurers have to know the score so that if anything went wrong during or after construction, they would be able to cover the damages.

The largest concern people had with conversions and extensions was that obtaining the planning permission would slow down the entire operation. Lacking it doesn’t seem to bother them too much however, as 29% said that they knew they’d be able to get away without asking.

At Loft Con everything is handled by our team, including the free initial survey, the designs, planning and building applications, and the main construction stage. In addition, so that you don’t have to go through the trouble, we employ all the trades necessary to complete the job. Not to mention, we also clean up after ourselves once we’re done.

If you desire loft conversions in Hull, we are the company you can depend on to get the job done and satisfy all obligations in terms of planning.