Loft conversions add value to any property

Utilising all of the space within your property is encouraged if you want to maximise the value. A loft conversion can add space for an extra bedroom, a home office, a games room, a gym, a safe storage space, or almost any other purpose you wish. Whether you’re thinking about a simple project or a large scale one, you could be looking at adding up to 20% to the value of your home.

Adding a loft room can be a great deal cheaper and easier than extending the property outwards or downwards. In most cases the only thing needed is to add roof windows to allow light into the space. When you extend a property you need to consider the impact on the surrounding environment and will require permission before work begins. When it comes to converting a loft, there is more scope to do work without requiring permission. It is always best to check what permissions you need, but with lofts there are generally fewer requirements because many projects will be classed as Permitted Developments.

Well designed loft rooms are highly regarded and a major attraction to house buyers who will know they are buying a property where all the space is being used to its full advantage. With careful planning you can have a great project and make the most of every square foot of floor space within your loft. You’ll need to consider how to make the best use of parts of the new room that have low head space because of the roof gable. Low seating, integrated storage and other low lying options are a practical option and will free up other space for larger furnishings.

If you want to add value onto your property and you’re considering loft conversions in Lincoln, Sheffield, Doncaster and the surrounding areas, you can rely on our expert team for the best design advice, planning and execution of the project. We are committed to helping you add the most value possible to your home.