Loft conversions can boost your home

If you find your home needs more space, then converting the loft into functional living space could be the solution. It is also wise to consider this kind of project as it can increase the price of your home if you ever did come to selling it. At LoftCon we have become the best name for loft conversions Hull has because we always think about this long term value.
Most lofts have the potential to be much more than simple storage space. With the right design they could be transformed into living space such as a new bedroom, a home office, or a games room. The conversion process can certainly add value to your home, consequently making it more sellable in the future. You even have the option of fitting a bathroom.

The cost of loft conversions can vary depending on spec, size and type. The cheapest ones to build feature skylights, leaving the roof unchanged. However, this should require some thought as this type may not be ideal in some cases due to limited space.

Building out the loft is a wise idea if you need to create more useable space. Dependent on there being no planning restrictions, opting for a dormer style will maximise internal space. In order to go through with process of converting a loft, the rule is that the main space should be at least 2.3m high; in general the steeper the pitch on the roof, the better.

If you discover your roof isn’t high enough, then there is the option of building out the roof or lowering the ceilings in the rooms below. Always keep in mind that this can be expensive. Note that space is required to fit a staircase, and there is the choice of making it a spiral. This should be thought of as it is ideal for space-saving.

Ideally you should have an idea of what you are looking for when converting your loft prior to searching for a provider and seeking planning permission. However, if you are unsure of the specifics, LoftCon can provide you with the relevant advice to help you make further decisions.

If you are interested in working with the most approachable team for loft conversions Hull has, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.