Loft conversions can provide an eco-friendly future

Not many know about all of the benefits of loft conversions. Yes they know about increasing floor space and the cost effectiveness compared to extensions, but there are other advantages too. For one they can provide the chance to make solar power installations cheaper. In addition, they can help with future proofing your home financially. As one of the best teams for loft conversions Hull has to offer, we would like to provide more details.
The UK recently suffered with cold weather spells, reminding many of us to address any problems with our home; particularly in terms of draughts. Preparing your home for any more cold spells is best done sooner rather than later.

Firstly, to prepare you will need approval of Building Regulations. Loft Con can help you process these documents, so rest assured if you aren’t familiar with this kind of paperwork.

In these regulations, energy efficiency is outlined. It is established from the value of the roof and its heat loss calculation. Note anything lower than 0.18W/metre squared will require effective insulation in and around the rafters, roof and walls.

Loft conversions are highly regarded as a turning point for your home. They can provide more space with fewer disruptions and a smaller investment. During this project, it is recommended that people change their lighting and use LED options. Additionally, you can assess your heating bills to determine if a new boiler needs fitting.

When covering all possibilities for energy saving extras for your loft, insulation isn’t the only eco friendly option. Installing energy efficient windows can save you large amounts on your energy bills. Either choose from double or triple glazing to reduce heat loss. Not only do these types of windows save you money, but also reduces condensation all the while providing sound proofing.

To prevent loft space from becoming too cold in the winter, extra radiators may have to be installed. What is recommended is being able to control the heat using thermostatic valves. Alternatively, make use of the recent smart home devices. Both can save you so much financially.

Whilst undergoing a conversion, solar PV panels are a potential add on. These provide the opportunity of reducing your energy bills, all the while saving the planet.

Loft Con aim to present you all possible options for your project. That way you can enjoy the best returns on your investment. We are proud to be the best team for loft conversions Hull has to offer and always prioritise customer service.

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