Loft conversions – things you need to know

Loft Con offer a range of services if you are looking to improve your home by expanding upwards. Established in 1983, we have accumulated a vast amount of experience and completed over 750 projects to a very high standard. When it comes to loft conversions Hull property owners should call on us, whether they are looking to add new living space or room for storage.

Loft conversions could balance out the functions of your house. You may be lacking bedrooms and bathrooms, but not living space downstairs. If this is the case then a conversion may be perfect for you. Lofts can be made into a bedroom with an en suite, or simply be transformed into more living space. If there is enough room you could even create a cinema or games room.

The most fantastic thing about opting for a conversion is that it is feasible for so many properties. Lofts with a minimum height of 2.3m are considered fit to convert. Even those with slightly less space may be fine if the roof can be raised or the ceiling lowered. Alternatively the narrower room could be used for storage, saving you space in the rest of the property.

Sometimes, obstacles such as chimneys can get in the way of a smooth loft conversion. Problems can be solved with good design in most cases though. Care must be taken when adapting the structure, including seeking the correct planning permission.

There are many different types of loft conversions to choose from too! Ranging from rooflight, to dormer, gable to mansard, you can select the one that looks right for your home.

Rooflight conversions tend to require the least amount of work because the exterior of the property does not need lots of changes. Dormer is the most popular option though as they add the most light to the new room whilst creating loft space with full headroom.

A loft conversion could potentially save a lot more on your energy bills whilst also increasing the amount of space you have to play with. The building regulations require the installation of additional insulation when the space is converted.

Loft Con carry out projects to the highest of standards from start to finish, design to finishing. If they are considering loft conversions Hull property owners should get in touch with us to explore their options.