Practical considerations for loft conversions

We are a business with one goal; to deliver first class conversion projects for reasonable prices. This is why we have a reputation for offering the best loft conversions Hull has seen. From the initial survey to the architectural drawings and construction, we shall attend to it all. We will even clean up the space so it is ready to use.

If you require more room, then the loft is usually the least disruptive place to convert. This definitely costs less than moving home. The price of a standard conversion usually amounts to a third of the price of moving somewhere with more space. Furthermore, the work can increase your house’s value by as much as 25%.

Of course, you must take several practical considerations into mind if you are going to pursue this kind of project.

How long will it take?

You need to have a clear idea of how much time the job will take. A regular conversion is going to last between 4 and 5 weeks. If the project involves a roof lift or alteration, it will require even more time.


Scaffolding will likely be necessary for access until you introduce the staircase that connects the loft to the house. This will make it easier to haul materials up to the loft and means the workers don’t need to carry them through the house and up a ladder. You can also set up a waste chute leading to a skip so disposing of everything is easier.

Budgeting for the unexpected

You need to think about budgeting for the unexpected too. Installing additional plumbing and electrics are areas where more expenses show up. This happens so much that experts recommend you do checks beforehand. It is possible to reroute the waste and plumbing for a bathroom from below. For example, you can extend the soil pipe on the exterior. However, your old boiler may not be able to manage the new demands. You will need to find an appropriate solution in this case.

loft conversions HullAt Loft Con, we have had the honour to complete more than 800 projects over the years. In addition to our installation teams, we have plasterers, plumbers, and electricians. We have each trade so that you don’t have to look for them elsewhere. This makes scheduling much easier and can even save you money.

If you would like us to provide one of the finest loft conversions Hull can offer, please get in touch. We can talk about your property, what you want to do with the space, and how you want it to look.