Professional loft conversion tips you can’t do without

As one of the top suppliers of loft conversions Hull has to give, we specialise in building a slew of designs. Handling everything from the initial surveys right up to the primary construction phase, our team prefers to keep things as hassle free as possible.
If additional space is required in your home, converting your loft into another room or two is a sensible move. This is true for both the present time and if/when you decide to sell. If your house’s loft section possesses more value as living quarters and not storage, a conversion is the obvious decision.

Loft conversions have the potential to make your home more sellable and heighten it’s worth, and if you have the means to incorporate a shower or bathroom up there too, alongside built-in storage and a bedroom, it’ll make for quite the guest or master suite.

The price tag for a conversion is generally thought to lay around the £20,000 mark, but this all depends on what type it is, the size and the specs. Perhaps the simplest and cheapest choices are those with skylights only, since the roofline remains unaltered. On the other hand, this might not be the ideal approach if your loft has restricted head height and space.

If it’s feasible, building out your roof in an effort to create more serviceable room within shall result in a far more satisfactory conversion. This typically consists of constructing a dormer over nearly the entire width of the roof and adapting its line so that it becomes straight viewed from the back or front instead of sloping.

At Loft Con, the types of conversions that we excel at constructing include Velux, Garage, Roof Lift, Hipped Roof and Dormer designs. We aren’t the kind of people to leave a mess and after finishing a project, we shall clean and dust up all the areas that we’ve visited.

If you believe that a conversion is the right choice for you, we are the ones to call. The reason we are the best at loft conversions Hull has to offer is we always design to suit the needs of our client and the requirements of the setting.